Past Events

Is there a better time to learn about Bitcoin Mining? - 03/06/2021

Bitcoin hits new all-time high 58K
Is there a better time to learn about Bitcoin Mining?

Ever wondered how Bitcoins & other cr..

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Online Webinar - Cybersecurity with Rizwan Shaikh - 10/24/2020

Do you know that the Cybersecurity jobs will grow 31% between 2019-2029, twice as fast as any average IT and four times as any other career? Yes, it is, according to the US Bureau of ..

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Online Webinar - Perfect Your Resume & Ace Any Interview - 10/17/2020


Join for a workshop to learn how to perfect your resume, search job, learn to ace any interview and ge..

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Online Webinar - Clinical SAS Programming - 08/22/2020

Clinical SAS Programming
SAS programming is extensively used in clinical trial data analysis in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical r..

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Online Free Crash Course - Regulatory Affairs & Medical Billing - 08/02/2020

We are excited to host a course on Regulatory Affairs and Medical Billing, and the first session will be on 08/02/2020, Sunday. This session will pro..

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