Privacy Policy


ALMPG is a social networking and online platform for professionals. People seeking jobs, career guidance, networking with others, information on business opportunities and those looking for business connections form our clientele. All members and visitors accessing our sites are subject to our Privacy Policy. The policy is within the terms of use.

All registered users of our services are Members and may avail the services and share their information ranging from their professional identities to hobbies. They may share expert knowledge and insight by posting their ideas, following their desired content, and finding their career opportunities. Unregistered viewers ‘Visitors’ can access our generally available materials on our website.

The ALMPG website and its Mobile Apps are collectively called as a Platform.

Our Services

Our Privacy Policy applies to, ALMPG mobile apps and other communication services that apply to the user. Our terms incorporate the cookie policy and the services including off and on-site services like advertisements, except those officially offered under a different privacy policy. Everything a user can access and use on or ALMPG apps qualify as services that includes new posts, sharing resources, requesting help, commenting on posts, ads on the website, responding to emails, attending both in person and on online webinars, educative sessions, boot-camps, and other common things such as trainings and demo sessions, etc.


As ALMPG, we hold the rights to adjust and update the privacy policy and make you aware of these changes by posting online, notifying via email, etc. You may close your account if you are not able to adjust to the changes.

However, if you choose to accept the changes, you acknowledge the updated privacy policy and its regulations on your data as you did before the changes.

1. How We Collect The Data

1.1 Registration

The registration or the sign up is the process of creating your account. Here, you will be required to provide your data and contact information such as name, email address, location, your specialization,and password, etc.

1.2 Profile

Once you sign up, you have the choice to complete your ALMPG profile. If you chose to setup your profile, you have options about the information you want to share on your profile. You may select to limit the amount of information you provide such as data about your education details, work experience, skills, photos, location,etc. You are not required to provide the information. However, completing your profile could help you gain offers from recruiters, businesses and potential partners. Whatever information you provide on your profile, is viewable to all the members.Please do not post or add personal data to your profile that you would not want to be publicly available.

1.3 Posting and Uploading

We collect data when you post, comment or respond to other posts such as in the discussion forum or jobs module,and when you respond to our surveys or submit your resume.

1.4 Data from Others

You and others may post content that includes information about you (as part of articles, posts, comments,) on our Services. Since this isdisplayedpublicly,it will be accessible to all our members. If you feel you are misrepresented in any of such post by others, you can contact the author or to the ALMPG support team to make necessary arrangements to have it removed from the post.

1.5 Service Use

When you visit the website, use our mobile apps, or use any of our services available on the website or the app, we log such usage data. It includes your login information such as what device you used to login, it’s internet protocol (IP) address, if you have posted, or commented on any of the posts, if you have shared any jobs or applied to any jobopenings, etc.

1.6 Cookies, and other similar Technologies

Cookies and other technologies that store your online activity are a basis of our services. We use these tools to identify you and your device, which you regularly use to access the platforms. These tools are solely for business purposes as they help us to suggest services that you might like and any activities that might be in your region. However, you have an option of switching off the cookie on your browser settings. Switching off cookies ensure your activities online are exclusive.

1.7 Your Device and Location

When you access our site, we have technological tools embedded within our systemthat detect your device details. These include; operating system, web browser, add-ons, and IP address. After you leave the site, the URL of the site you went to next and the URL you came in to access our website gets stored. If you are using a mobile device, the device identifier features on our website picks up your mobile’s ISP, the kind of device you are using and location depending on your phone settings.

1.8 Messages

When you engage with other members or businesses via private chats, or comments on a post, the data gets stored in our database. Similarly, when you add someone to your network or when someone adds you to their network, it gets stored in our database.

1.9 Polls and Surveys

At times, we will send polls and surveys, maybe to check how satisfied you are with our services, or requesting for your feedback or suggestions, or surveys on how we can help you. While it helps us better serve you if you respond to those surveys, it is no obligation to you. You can choose to ignore them or provide limited responses.

2. What Do We Do With The Data

Data collection is deeply embedded in our system because we use data from our members as a basisfor updates and development of services. Besides, we can establish the kind of support and enhancements you need through data. How we use individual data is wholly dependent on the type of services one uses and preferred settings on the site.

2.1 Services

In the digital world, networking is crucial to self-improvement and enhancement of skills, career,andbusiness opportunities. This lays a basis for our services. Our services help you to find and connect with professionals and businessesin your field of choice, get training, boost your knowledge in an area of interest and increase general productivity.

2.2 Stay Connected

The site is purely for establishing and maintaining connections for professional growth. As a member, you have the opportunity to connect with business, colleagues, and clients. If you are interested in skills or services of a member of the site, you can connect with them. They also have to be interested in setting up a connection with you. Thus, the nature of your profile matters. Once you connect with a member, they will be able to look at your connections and so can you.

2.3 Premium Services

As a part of our talent, marketing, and sales solutions, we sell premium services to our business clients and partners that enables them to post jobs and training ads that come to you as an email, allow them a customized search functionality that will enable them to find you if you are looking for new career opportunities. We do not provide your contact information without your consent to the customers.

2.4 Communications

Communication between members is a primary function of the online platform. We as the administrators and managers of the website can also send notifications and announcements to you, which you caneasily respond through email or comments through the mobile apps. The ALMPG inbox and the regular posts on the website’s board are also common ways we use to reach out to our members. At times, we will also email you announcements, upcoming event and online webinar schedule and information and other service messages. Although there are settings to control the type ofemails and notifications you can receive, it is important to note that you cannot opt out of our service messages.

2.5 Advertising

The advertising on the platform makes you aware of different opportunities to learn, grow and connect. Also, these, in turn, help sustain this platform and allows us to provide you better services and enhancements. You have choices as to what ads you can receive via email, but when you are logged on to the platform, you will see what has been posted. There are no options to disable these ads.

2.6 Info to Ad Providers

While there are other mechanisms that ad providers can use to establish your identity when you click on their advertisements or respond to their ads, we don’t share any information with them. Sharing member personal data with third parties is a NO in our policies. If you are not comfortable with sharing information through online platforms, be sure to turn off cookies on your browser settings.

2.7 Marketing

Marketing is core to our service and practices in the company. We use data from members’ profiles to determine the kind of advertising suitable to them. Besides, the marketing option is also in your favor as it provides opportunities for you to find new businesses and their services.

2.8 Service Development

Data from the members on experience with our servicesisused for new developments and service enhancement. On our site, there is a provision for customers to post their reactions to different services they received. Customer reviews are welcomed and embraced by our team because it helps to evaluate nature and impact of various decisions made. Negative reviews are mostly considered because they help us to reconsider our techniques for better services to our members.

2.9 Surveys

In the interest of further developing our services and user experience, we conduct polls and surveys. Questions are sent to individual members through their emails and sometimes a poston the website depending on the nature of the survey. All this is to make sure the members and the general public is satisfied with the nature of services on our platform. While we highly appreciate you responding to the surveys, it is no obligation. There are no constraining policies on members to respond to the questions. At times, the polls are posted on the website where visitors can also participate in the survey. Such surveys are usually to determine market expansion.

2.10 Customer Support

The digital world poses challenges to users and business models. In one way or another, you might require engaging us for assistance either relating to your profile or business model. Or, the website might be experiencing problems, which affect members while the administrators are in the dark. Customer support services thus come in handy in addressing all your issues and offering prompt and effective assistance within the capabilities and policies of our services.

3. How We Share The Information

3.1 Our Services

The data posted on your profile is available to other users logging in to the site. While there are privacy policies on protecting users against malicious intentions with their data, members are allowed to access fellow members’ data. If you like, comment, follow or connect with a new contact, the information is posted on the website where other members can view.

3.2 Profile

Member profiles are fully visible to all other users on the site. Our registered members can view the information you provide on your profile.

3.3 Posts, Likes, Follows, Messages, Comments

Others cansee any of your social interactions immediately like when you like, comment or post on the website. Senders also get a notification when you open/act on their message.

3.4 Legal Disclosures

While we have strict privacy policies, we might share your personal data with authorities if we have reason to believe it is the right move.

3.5 Changes in Control or Sale

In case of a merger or sale of our business, we might also sell your data to the next handler who must maintain the levels of privacy.

4. Your Choices

4.1 Data Retention

We retain your data as long as you wish, which is defined by whether your account is open or inactive. When you close your account, we are not obligated to hold your data any longer.

4.2 Rights to Access and Retain Your Personal Data

Our services allow you to update, delete, and share your data as per your preferences. Also, you can restrict visibility to your data by using private messaging.

4.3 Choices of Receiving Notifications via Email and Mobile App

You have choices as to what type of post, article, or job you would like to get notified. These settings are available in your Accounts & Settings.

4.4 Account Closure

After closing your ALMPG account, you will stop receiving emails, notifications and service announcements. The posts you posted and responses you gave to other posts exist unless you remove them.

5. Additional Information

5.1 Security

We regularly monitor our systems and use tools such as HTTPS to safeguard data of our members. Though we have other security measures in place, there is no guarantee for the security of any information that you sent or share through this platform.

5.2 Direct Marketing

Our company does not share any of your data with third-party firms for promotional purposes without your permission.

5.3 Contact Information

There are several modes in which you can contact us for inquiries and complaints. These modes are listed on our Contact Us page. Any questions regarding this privacy policy are also welcome.