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Matillion for Snowflake Training & Online Certification Course

Online - Paid

Become an expert with Matillion ETL for Snowflake. Our trainers help you how to extract, transform and load data into Snowflake from various sources using Matillion ETL through this Matillion for Snowflake Training program. From Matillion’s introduction to Snowflake’s advanced concepts, you’ll learn the course by knowing how to explore, migrate, and load data, automate data loads, etc., with immersive exercises and hands-on activities. This Certification course uses an applied, project-based, and real-time learning model that ensures professionals gain practical experience implementing their new ETL skills and knowledge.

Enroll Now: https://mindmajix.com/matillion-for-snowflake-training


30 Hours of Sessions
Flexible Schedules
24/7 Lifetime Support
Certification Oriented Curriculum
15 Hours of Labs
FREE Demo on Request
One-on-One Doubt Clearing
Real-time Project Use cases

Contact Us

USA : +1 917 456 8403
INDIA : +91 905 240 3388

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Be a Data Scientist. Transform your future. (Curriculum attached)

In-Person - Paid

Assalam Aleikom ALMPG Community

We hope this email finds you well.

The #1 best job in America in 2021 could be yours! Be a Data Scientist. Transform your future.

Big Bang Data Science Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the 14th Batch of our 30-Week training program in Data Science & Machine Learning (Data Science & Machine Learning from Zero to Hero)

Apply for BBDS 30-Week training ecosystem program in Data Science and Machine Learning - your first step to making a lucrative career change to the field of Data Science

The program starts on July 31, 2021, at 09:00 AM EST. Live stream, 5 times a week and 2.5+ hrs. per session and the fee is $2999 with 3 payment plans.

To summarize, here is how BBDS can help you launch and advance your career in Data Science and Machine Learning:

✔️ In-demand data skills: R, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP etc
✔️ Learn from top industry practitioners
✔️ Connect with equally-driven learners from around the world
✔️ Structured, graded 30-Weeks LIVE stream instructor-lead program (450+ hours)
✔️ Training material sourced from 3 Masters degrees & 10 years of Data Science industry experience
✔️ Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) FREE training
✔️ Resume preparation - Interview preparation - Job placement assistance
✔️ Digital blockchain Certification of Completion
✔️ Repeat unlimited times with no additional cost
✔️ Money Back guarantee if complete the program on TIME and not fully satisfied

Curriculum : https://lnkd.in/dqNxhFN
Testimonials: https://lnkd.in/efTZd7x
To register : https://lnkd.in/dmGXuTT

Happy Data Science Learning

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ETL Informatica !!!

Online - Paid

Hello Connections,
Hope you are doing good!!!!
Greetings from EA TEAM Inc!!

We are arranging a Demo for Data Engineering - Informatica Cloud and Snowflake Development From Next Week.
For OPT/CPT/H4EAD/GC EAD & H1B, Training and Placement
Topics :

What is Database?
What is Data warehouse?
Why ETL?
Why Informatica Power Center?
Informatica Cloud (IICS)
Importance of Cloud Database (AWS, Salesforce, Snowflake….etc) compare to traditional Database ( Oracle, Teradata…..etc)
Snowflake Database Development
Integrating Informatica Cloud to Snowflake Database

Interested candidates can reach out to me at the below contact number +1 732 5798578 or email banu@eateam.com

#iics #snowflakes #demo #informatica #dataengineering #etldeveloper #etltools #cloud

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Learn JAVA, Python, and R in 10 weeks! - Starts this Sunday June 13 - $100 Discount Today !!

Online - Paid

Popular IT Training - Learn JAVA, Python, and R in 10 weeks!
3 of the hottest programming languages in the market in one course!

>>> $100 OFF if you apply TODAY ! <<<
LIVE classes - Personal Coaching - No IT background needed

Java, Python, and R are extremely popular in the market because of their use in mobile development, data science and machine learning.

****** WHAT WILL BE TAUGHT !! ******

Eclipse IDE,
Python, PyCharm,
R, R Studio,
Data science using R,
Chart and Plots using R,
Web programming, HTML, XML,
Comparison of JAVA, R and Python programming,
Interview prep techniques,
Motivational teaching style,
Personal coaching,
Resume building and more.

>>> NO prior programming background needed <<<

****** TRAINING DETAILS ******

- Starts Sunday, June 13, 2021
- Every Sunday - 2 hours LIVE classes
- 11:00am to 1:00pm EST
- 10 weeks course
- Online LIVE classes + coaching when you need extra help
- After finishing the training you can retake the training for FREE

SUBMIT YOUR INFO: http://tinyurl.com/learnITskills
COURSE DETAILS: http://tinyurl.com/STCourse1
PREVIOUS WEBINAR BY THE INSTRUCTOR: http://tinyurl.com/STWebinarProgramming
TESTIMONIALS: http://tinyurl.com/STTestimonials

For more questions CONTACT Br. Omar Malik at 586-552-3323


****** JOB MARKET - JAVA, PYTHON, R ******

JAVA is one of the most widely adopted programming languages, used by some 9 million developers and running on 7 billion devices worldwide. The 7 most in-demand tech jobs for 2018 require computer programming background.

PYTHON is one of the fastest growing programming languages with the popularity of Data Science and machine learning. By 2020, employment in all computer occupations is expected to increase by 22% and programming skills are at the heart of it.

R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. Polls, surveys of data miners, and studies of scholarly literature databases show that R`s popularity has increased substantially in recent years.


Br. Omar Malik has conducted multiple webinars on ALMPG with great feedback on his teaching style. He is a highly skilled, MBA and PMP certified software engineer specializing in IT projects and business development.

He is a certified Java Developer and has worked as a lead developer for multiple international organizations such as Ford Motor Company, Chrysler LLC, Team Detroit, Thomson Reuters, and General Motors. He currently works as a technical team lead at General Motors with developers reporting to him. He is a professor at Wayne State University and teaches JAVA and R programming language and IT skills to business students.

Br. Omar founded Sunnah Tech to teach technical skills to the Muslim community by filling the gap between what`s being taught in schools/colleges and what the employers are looking for in the market. He travels across many community centers across the USA to present his training.

His unique teaching style has allowed him to teach close to 1000 students within the last 5 years. He also has extensive experience as a youth director is able to coach students from all walks of life.

****** REGISTER NOW ******

SUBMIT YOUR INFO: http://tinyurl.com/learnITskills
COURSE DETAILS: http://tinyurl.com/STCourse1
PREVIOUS WEBINAR BY THE INSTRUCTOR: http://tinyurl.com/STWebinarProgramming
TESTIMONIALS: http://tinyurl.com/STTestimonials

For more questions CONTACT Br. Omar Malik at 586-552-3323


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Free online training and placement

Online - Free

Equipment, Systems, Analytical
Process and Method Validation
Validation Engineer
Description: A Validation Engineer is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the validation strategy in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturing. They measure and analyze the process, audit and calibrate equipment and create a document trail that shows the process leads to a consistent result to ensure the highest quality products are produced. There is currently a high demand for trained validation engineers. As a result, salaries are highly competitive. Validation describes the process of creating an evidence trail to show that an action, process or system leads to a consistent and reproducible result. This ‘result’ is typically either taking a measurement or assessing product quality. Validation is a central part of the manufacturing process within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The products made must be exactly the same every time and are tested at the end of the production process to ensure that this is the case, but final end product testing isn’t enough. In addition, the processes, systems, and equipment that lead to their manufacture are closely scrutinized too. This establishes that they meet predetermined specifications and always produce the same result.
Each step in the manufacturing process is subject to validation, to ensure that the end products are safe and effective, every time. Validation tasks are carried out during all stages of a product lifecycle – from research and development, through to manufacture and distribution. Validation is not only important in the establishment of manufacturing protocols, but it is also used to make that changes to systems, equipment or processes within an established manufacturing system, do not change the outcome or product.

Training and Course Structure
This program provides fundamental to Advanced understanding of designing, managing, and maintaining a scientifically sound validation program. The curriculum focuses on core Validation function and their underlying principles.

Course Content / Topics Covered for Validation Engineer Training:
Types of validation
21 CFR Part 11
Electronic Records
Electronic Signatures
Digital Signatures
Open System
Closed System
Audit Trails
System Development Life Cycle
SLC Deliverables
Validation Plan
Test Plan
User Requirement Specifications
Functional Requirement Specifications
Design Specifications
Installation Qualification Protocol
Operational Qualification Protocol
Performance Qualification Protocol
Requirement Traceability Matrix
Validation Summary Report
Test Summary Report
System Release Report
Retirement Plan
Test Strategy
Types of Testing
Test Plan
Test Scripts
Test Cases
Test Task Report
Deviation Report
Root Cause Analysis
Corrective and Preventive Actions
Standard Operating Procedures
Predicate Rules
Good Manufacturing Practices
Good Laboratory Practices
Good Clinical Practices
Gap Analysis
Risk Analysis
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
COTS Systems
Vendor Assessment
Equipment validation
Cleaning Validation
Process Validation
Medical Devices concepts and Predicted rules
Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS)
Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
Laboratory Instruments
Change Control Management System (CCMS)
Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS)
Drug Development Life Cycle Regulatory Requirements for Cleaning

Job Responsibilities of Validation Engineer professionals in general are:
• Design validation study features, such as sampling, testing, or analytical methodologies.
• Direct validation activities, such as protocol creation or testing.
• Draw samples of raw materials, or intermediate and finished products for validation testing.
• Conduct validation or qualification tests of new or existing processes, equipment, or software in accordance with internal protocols or external standards.
• Develop validation master plans, process flow diagrams, test cases, or standard operating procedures.
• Prepare validation or performance qualification protocols for new or modified manufacturing processes, systems, or equipment for pharmaceutical, electronics, or other types of production.
• Analyze validation test data to determine whether systems or processes have met validation criteria or to identify root causes of production problems.
• Conduct audits of validation or performance qualification processes to ensure compliance with internal or regulatory requirements.
• Create, populate, or maintain databases for tracking validation activities, test results, or validated systems.
• Identify deviations from established product or process standards and provide recommendations for resolving deviations.
• Prepare detailed reports or design statements based on results of validation and qualification tests or reviews of procedures and protocols.
• Procure or devise automated lab validation test stations or other test fixtures and equipment.
• Resolve testing problems by modifying testing methods or revising test objectives and standards.
• Study product characteristics or customer requirements and confer with management to determine validation objectives and standards.
• Assist in training equipment operators or other staff on validation protocols and standard operating procedures.
• Communicate with regulatory agencies regarding compliance documentation or validation results.
• Coordinate the implementation or scheduling of validation testing with affected departments and personnel.
• Maintain validation test equipment.
• Participate in internal or external training programs to maintain knowledge of validation principles, industry trends, or novel technologies.
• Prepare, maintain, or review validation and compliance documentation, such as engineering change notices, schematics, or protocols.
• Plan or conduct validation testing of alternative energy products, such as synthetic jet fuels or energy storage systems, such as fuel cells.
• Validate or characterize sustainable or environmentally friendly products, using electronic testing platforms.

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Providing Training for Java/BA/DA

In-Person - Free

Hope you are doing good.
This is Farhana from Ea Team Inc.

We currently are providing Free Training for Java/BA/DA and placements.
Please feel free to reach me at banu@eateam.com
or call me at 732-579-6578.

Farhana Syed
Talent Acquisition

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Data Engineering - Informatica Cloud and Snowflake Development on 14th Apr’21.

Online - Free

Hello Connections,

Greetings from Advanced Knowledge Tech(AKT),LLC !!!!

We are arranging a Demo for Data Engineering - Informatica Cloud and Snowflake Development on 14th Apr’21. Interested candidates can reach out to me at the below contact number +1 732 400 5737 or email safi.a@akt-corp.com

Topics :

What is Database?
What is Data warehouse?
Why ETL?
Why Informatica Power Center?
Informatica Cloud (IICS)
Importance of Cloud Database (AWS, Salesforce, Snowflake….etc) compare to traditional Database ( Oracle, Teradata…..etc)
Snowflake Database Development
Integrating Informatica Cloud to Snowflake Database

Note :
We are receiving huge requirements for Snowflake, Informatica Cloud with Snowflake Development in Data warehouse market.
Demo will be scheduled for IICS & Snowflake together
Training will be done separately for IICS & Snowflake

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Learn Data Science and Machine Learning for FREE while you are supporting ALMPG

Online - Free

Assalam Aleikom and Ramadan Kareem

We are doing it again. Just like last year, we are bringing “Data Science For Good” program back. Last year, we raised more than $60k in donations and benefitted hundreds of students for a great cause. Let’s join hands and build our future.

Saturday April 17, Big Bang Data Science Solutions kicks off a 10-Week LIVE boot-camp on Concept-to-Completion Machine Learning Project with Python for FREE in exchange for $150 donation to any Masjid, Church or NGOs of your choice.

This experiential and interactive course will use Python and various packages to reinforce your understanding of concepts-to-completion of Machine Learning Project.

No prerequisites. We will start assuming no prior knowledge and ramp up to enable you to conquer Data Science and Machine Learning.

Now is the time to level-up and tackle Data Science.

Donate and Register: https://bit.ly/2PxxCsK (We will only accept April donations)

The program will run twice a week: Every Saturday at 1:00 PM EST and every Sunday at 10:00 AM EST

Happy Data Science Learning

Mo Medwani
Big Bang Data Science Solutions

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Get CompTIA and AWS CLOUD certified in 10 weeks - FREE WEBINAR

Online - Free

⭐ Sunday March 28, 2021 - 4:00pm EST ⭐
REGISTRATION LINK - tinyurl.com/STCloudCerts

Full course content

- Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts
- Applying Cloud Business Principles
- Advising a Cloud Design and Migration
- Operating in the Cloud
- Managing Cloud Governance
- AWS Cloud and its value proposition
- AWS Cloud economics
- Cloud architecture design principles
- Shared responsibility model
- Security and compliance concepts
- AWS access management capabilities
- Identify resources for security support
- Deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
- AWS global infrastructure
- Core AWS services
- Resources for technology support
- Pricing models for AWS
- Account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing
- Available resources for billing support
- Review and Exam Prep
- Lab+Mock Exam

This course delivers the core knowledge required to pass the exams and the skills necessary to advance to an intermediate-level cloud professional job

FREE WEBINAR - CompTIA / AWS Cloud Certifications
⭐ Sunday March 28, 2021 - 4:00pm EST ⭐
REGISTRATION LINK - tinyurl.com/STCloudCerts
OUR WHATSAPP GROUP - http://tinyurl.com/STCompTIAChat

Taught by Professor Omar Malik and Ali El-Sharif
For more info contact 586-552-3323

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