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Checklist for getting hired by the best organization

Finding a good job has become easy these days, as there are groups of people who bring jobseeker closer to employers. A candidate has to undergo through a selection process before getting a good job. It is important for them to have a job interview checklist.

This checklist will contain all those steps that will help you to achieve success in interviews. For instance, a candidate must know about the company he is going to give an interview. A complete knowledge about the position is equally important as that will show how much you know about the job and are you the right candidate. Last but not the least dress correctly for the interview and be assertive.


The first thing is you should be able to choose the perfect format of resume. If you are not much confident you can get the resume written by the experts also. It’s not enough that you have a great experience and your reference will talk you up like a real talented person because you will only be able to do a face to face interview if your first round or the resume is accepted by the company. To present yourself properly in the exact way you want you to have to design the resume or arrange it in various levels so that the person really does not have to dig very hard to find the relevant information.

LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn Profile is very important social media application if you are looking for a job. The connection in this social media is for the work-related issues and many employers and good organizations search for the people who are connected to LinkedIn for the job. There is an area where you can make your profile with your photo and update it on the LinkedIn. The people from your circle or people connected to people in your circle will start contacting you promptly.

Soft Skills

There are definitely many soft skills that are necessary for the job. Like for the hospitality industry you should be soft spoken and good at customer service. Other soft skills that are required in all the areas are communication skill. You should be able to convey your message correctly and successfully. You should be able to point clearly about the area you are talking about and hey should be able to understand it clearly. Another soft skill is Business etiquette. Never crack inappropriate jokes or have an upsetting behavior in front of your teammates.

Technical Skills

It relates to your technical area of working. Like if you are software programmer you should know the programming language its terms and techniques of its use for the work you are supposed to do. You can certainly take help of others if you are caught by some kind of discrepancies. But that should be only helped not that the other person is coding with you. It’s your job and if you want to keep it safe learn hard you can sit after hours and discuss the problem with your team.

Job Hunting

For job hunting, you can talk to different agencies that are headhunters and are in direct contact with many companies looking for people like you. You can also upload your resume to many job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed.com etc. You can easily find the job through this portals as the company has many opening which is published in these portals and you can send your resume directly to them. Sometimes you can also call and talk if the phone numbers are given.

Matching the job description

Always pay attention that what are the requirements of the job and does it suit you? You can do this by thoroughly reading the job description which is given there. If you do not read it properly there will be a huge communication gap and you will be totally unaware what the company actually aspects from you. Your profile should have the similar job experience then only its advisable that you approach the company.

Interview skill

The organization would like to know whether you are active and have the right knowledge to do the job. They are looking for the people who are enthusiastic to learn new things and know the job description well. Your interest in understanding their industry will create a positive impression. Your chance of getting hired will also become strong. The only way to avoid your fear during the interview is by keeping yourself calm and be patients. Always be polite and provide sensible answers to the person who is conducting the interview.

Cracking the interview

Always try to tackle the confused situation. For that, you need to train yourself for answering questions smartly. Your ability to have the presence of mind will generate a positive environment in the interview room. Your resume speaks a lot about your experience and your ability to solve the problem. So when you are answering the question make sure your tone of voice is gentle and you are answering very professionally. Remember proof is necessary for building confidence. So the experience should be on papers and you should be able to tell them clearly what you have done for the past organization so far. Talk about goals that you have achieved in the previous company which is related to business growth.

The interview gives you the opportunity to convey to an employer your interest in a particular position and to present the skill you can bring to the job. The interview is a way for you and the employer to get to know each other and to evaluate if this spot and company is a suitable fit or match and the person will be able to do justice to the job. In addition, the interview allows you to gain insight into the job and the organization, and it enables the employer to determine if you have the skill and abilities needed to be an effective member of the organization.

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