Job Referrals

Job Referrals

ALMPG is a platform for passionate and energetic people who share a common purpose of providing meaningful service towards building a strong professional community. We encourage our members to find, share and refer job opportunities to the deserving job seekers. A small effort can be a great help to someone's life and career.

Let us use our physical and material means as well as other means such as our network, reputation, and authority to help those in need.

How can you refer a job?

Start by checking for job openings at your company or your connections at other companies. Once you come to know about the job opening(s), contact any of the ALMPG members or post the information on our group message board.

Lastly, there is a request for job seekers. We would be happy if our members share their success stories in their jobs hunt, and how ALMPG referral platform has helped you in your journey. It's a source motivation for the helping hands and a way to build trust among the members.