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Training in Chatbot / AI / ML / NLP

Online - Free

Hi All,

This is Mohammad Munawar, I am a senior IT recruiter and working in this industry from past 15 years.
One of my contacts needs resources/Consultant/Freshers, who wants Training in Chatbot / AI / ML / NLP.
Chatbot development will be the main focus of Training, like wise if anyone wants to go for Chatbot / IVR QA. or Conversational Designer , Business analyst , NLP developer etc.

This is something I am doing to help our brothers and Sisters and passing their details to the concern person without having any benefit out of it.

If anyone is interested, please send me their resume on munawar.mohammad@yahoo.com or munawar.recruiter@gmail.com or email me to get more details about it.

Key Highlights Training in Chatbot / AI / ML / NLP
Time TBD
Training Online - Free
Fees TBD
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