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Learn JAVA, Python and R in one course - Amazing Deal !

Online - Paid

Popular IT Training - Learn JAVA, Python, and R in 12 weeks!
3 of the hottest programming languages in the market in one course!

LIVE classes - Personal Coaching - No IT background needed

Java, Python, and R are extremely popular in the market because of their use in mobile development, data science and machine learning.

**************** WHAT WILL BE TAUGHT !! ****************

Eclipse IDE,
Python, PyCharm,
R, R Studio,
Data science using R,
Chart and Plots using R,
Web programming, HTML, XML,
Comparison of JAVA, R and Python programming,
Interview prep techniques,
Motivational teaching style,
Personal coaching,
Resume building and more.

>>> NO prior programming background needed

For more questions CONTACT Br. Omar Malik at 586-552-3323 LIMITED SPOTS !!!
REGISTER HERE: http://tinyurl.com/STCourse1

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Key Highlights
Time 10 weeks
Training Online - Paid
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