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CompTIA Network+ Training - FREE Webinar Sunday Oct 4 - 2pm EST

Online - Free

CompTIA Network+ Training
FREE Webinar Sunday Oct 4 - 2pm EST

Registration Link for the Webinar

5 reasons to attend the webinar !

- Understand relevance of Networking and CyberSecurity from industry experts
- IT Industry boom past 2020
- Market Analysis with industry experts
- Learn about emerging technologies
- Earn your CompTIA Network+ certification with guaranteed results

---- Full course content ----
- Intro Networking Concepts
- Network Protocols and References
- Network Devices and Theory
- Network Topologies
- Network Services
- WAN Technologies
- Network Cables and Connectors
- Wireless LAN Operations
- Ethernet Switch Operation
- Network Addressing
- Routing Fundamental
- Unified Communication Fundamentals
- Virtualization Fundamentals
- Network Security
- Network Monitoring Tools and Analysis
- Network Best Practices
- Network Troubleshooting
- Lab+Mock Exam

This course delivers the core knowledge required to pass the exam and the skills necessary to advance to an intermediate-level network and security jobs

INFO ON FULL COURSE: http://tinyurl.com/CompTIANetworkPlus



- Among the most rapidly growing areas in Information Technology is network security.

- Successfully taking and passing the CompTIA Network+ certification means that you are competent in network infrastructure, security, organization security and access control.

- CompTIA Network+ certification is a big step-up on your other certifications as it builds on networking through focusing on the core aspects of security.

- There is a very high demand for Information Technology security experts and this is because of the fact that threats to computer security are always increasing in quantity and severity.

- If you get expertise in networking as well as networking security, you are no doubt going to be a great asset to just about any company that hires you.

- Candidate job roles include Security Engineer, Security Consultant or Specialist, Security Administrator, Network Administrator, and Junior IT Auditor or Penetration Tester.

- Organizations that employ CompTIA Network+ certified staff include HP, IBM, Dell and more. CompTIA Network+ is complaint with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US DoD

For more questions CONTACT Br. Omar Malik at 586-552-3323

Registration link: http://tinyurl.com/STCompTIANetworkPlus

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Time 2 hours
Training Online - Free
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