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Free Workshop on Digital Transformation with free 2 PDU's @ 8pm CST on Sunday 23rd Aug

Online - Free

We are offering free Workshop on Digital Transformation with free 2 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for our participants exclusively at 8pm(CST) on Sunday 23rd Aug 2020.
Digital Transformation is about making sure we are ready with trending technologies and skills for being in Information Technology (IT) for next 20 years .
Information Technology (IT) is in Digital Age:
Do you have skills to support as an IT professional?
IT Companies are offering digital transformation to their clients . Are you are part of it ?
How long can you survive with your traditional skills?
Connect to us to check your digital age skills .
Contact us at 917-808-7849 / rnaveed@amnext.tech

Key Highlights
Time 60 - 90 mints
Training Online - Free
Fees Free
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