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[AD] High School and Middle School Youth - Programming Course with One on One Coach

Online - Paid

Programming / Coding course for Middle School / High School Students
Starting Sunday June 28, 2020

VIDEO detailing the entire 8-week program (below)

** Course details and sign up link below (Discount ends June 15)

Youth will learn many skills and gain confidence with coding in JAVA and Python and building multiple applications. If they get stuck anywhere the coach will help them by logging on to their laptops. Students can also retake the course for free next time its offered.

8 Week Schedule Below

- Intro. Students will interact with each other and brainstorm programming ideas.
- Installation and setup of the programming environment.
- Core concepts of JAVA and Python Programming Languages.
- Students will learn how problem solving and logical thinking works.
- Math, conditional Logic, loops and arrays will be covered with examples.
- Students will now be able to take input, process input and respond to the user.
- Discuss Game Flow Diagrams to help think of complex logic in a visual manner.
- BUILD GAME 1 - Number Guessing Game
- BUILD GAME 2 - Hangman Game
- BUILD GAME 3 - Rolling the Dice Game
- BUILD GAME 4 - TIC-TAC-TOE / Dots and Boxes Game
(Students will learn how to get graphics working with their code)

VIDEO detailing the entire 8-week program (below)

For more info please contact:
sunnahtech@gmail.com / 586-552-3323

Parents can join the course chat from here

Disclaimer: ALMPG does not endorse any trainer, recruiter or employer. Please do your due diligence when contacting people on the ALMPG platform.

Key Highlights
Time 8 weeks
Training Online - Paid
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