Career Guidance

Career Guidance

At ALMPG, we believe in being proactive in identifying the needs of professionals. We do it in order to provide support and effective career to all seekers irrespective of gender. We aim to move towards a more holistic style of platform able to address a variety of needs and demands. The voluntary members at ALMPG assist people with the process of making informed career decisions by helping them with career counseling and to develop skills to choose a particular career stream.

Our mentors provide services that include:

Career Guidance

ALMPG community provides career guidance in the form of individual sessions and online webinars conducted by our members. Such services are extended to all the career seekers with the main objective being IT Careers. Our mentors help fresh graduates develop employability and social skills to succeed in work. 


What can ALMPG counseling do for you? Here are a few possibilities of what our counseling services can help you to do:

  • Choose your major and connect it to a future occupation
  • Find your ideal career by engaging with professional counselors to discover your skills, interests, and personality
  • Get suggestions from experts to build your qualifications for your future career
  • Learn about different job opportunities
  • Learn ways to connect with employers/job marketers
  • Polish up your job search correspondence, e.g., resume, cover letter
  • Prepare for an upcoming interview

Counseling services have a lot to offer with all the above and much more. ALMPG community is here to help! See us by choosing one of the following options mentioned in Ways to Interact section

Resume Building Services

You should be aware that a skillfully crafted resume is essential for your success. Your resume can give a powerful first impression to hiring professionals. Our experienced professionals at ALMPG community help job seekers to develop your resume that gets the attention you deserve. The members carefully review your background and objectives in order to suggest what information to be emphasized and identify phrasing and keywords critical to your resume.

Professional advice on finding job marketers/placement agencies

If you have felt frustrated in your job search and need advice on how to find a job? You need to consult one of our counselors. Our community has several skilled and experienced professionals who can advise you in the highly competitive market. Additionally, we have been putting a lot of efforts to build a database of job marketers/ placement agencies which are credible and can share industry information and resources that support your job hunt. You may contact any of our moderators to get more information on this.

Providing instruction on work related issues

If you are facing job-related issues or you are stuck in your project at work, you can seek assistance from a pool of talented professionals available at ALMPG community. It is quite likely that someone from our members has already been through the same problem and can come forward to your rescue.

Ways to interact

You can get benefited from our able and experienced members who are available to share a variety of resources in different ways. Simply, send the problem/issue you need support for through e-mail to any our moderators, members, or post your message on the community portal and mention its short description in the subject line.These are the ways you may interact with our community:

  • Listed mentors: You may contact the mentors directly.
  • Webinars: Through webinars hosted on a variety of technical and non-technical topics.
  • Group Post: Posting directly on the group for members to read and respond.