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SharePoint Administrator Premium Training

Online - Paid


After successful completing FREE SharePoint training and much demand by existing participants, we are now launching SharePoint Administrator Premium online training.

It`s time to invest in yourself and enhance your career with $$$ benefits

Training plan:
- Training starts from 25-Jul-2020 (5 weeks course)
- Number of classes: 10
- Classes per week: 2
- Class duration: 1.5 hours

Course investment: $299 ONLY (after 25% discount)
Group of four members will get additional $50 discount each
*Limited seats only

REGISTER NOW: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1crxArSMqwltRLp2mb1Y0adUK3lBTX1fxz77F9P8fzNk/

In SharePoint Administrator training, you will be enabled to designing, configuring and managing SharePoint. We ensure you to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to optimize the business processes and design efficient workflows within SharePoint.

Training Details:

IT people, join us on WhatsApp group for training updates and job opportunities: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Iedig1A3oqj7dMpgXWAbl1

Thank you,
Tech9 Training Division
+1 (224) 829-0551 (WhatsApp)

Training Key Features:
- Technical, Functional & Administration knowledge sharing
- Hand-on SharePoint practice for each participant on virtual machine
- Premium training certificate on course completion
- Mock interview practice for job placement
- Resume building for applying job
- Microsoft Certification practice
- Liaison with recruiter for job opportunities
- Career counseling
- Many more…

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[AD] High School and Middle School Youth - Programming Course with One on One Coach

Online - Paid

Programming / Coding course for Middle School / High School Students
Starting Sunday June 28, 2020

VIDEO detailing the entire 8-week program (below)

** Course details and sign up link below (Discount ends June 15)

Youth will learn many skills and gain confidence with coding in JAVA and Python and building multiple applications. If they get stuck anywhere the coach will help them by logging on to their laptops. Students can also retake the course for free next time its offered.

8 Week Schedule Below

- Intro. Students will interact with each other and brainstorm programming ideas.
- Installation and setup of the programming environment.
- Core concepts of JAVA and Python Programming Languages.
- Students will learn how problem solving and logical thinking works.
- Math, conditional Logic, loops and arrays will be covered with examples.
- Students will now be able to take input, process input and respond to the user.
- Discuss Game Flow Diagrams to help think of complex logic in a visual manner.
- BUILD GAME 1 - Number Guessing Game
- BUILD GAME 2 - Hangman Game
- BUILD GAME 3 - Rolling the Dice Game
- BUILD GAME 4 - TIC-TAC-TOE / Dots and Boxes Game
(Students will learn how to get graphics working with their code)

VIDEO detailing the entire 8-week program (below)

For more info please contact:
sunnahtech@gmail.com / 586-552-3323

Parents can join the course chat from here

Disclaimer: ALMPG does not endorse any trainer, recruiter or employer. Please do your due diligence when contacting people on the ALMPG platform.

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[AD].NET Full Stack Software Developer Training

Online - Paid

Utilize this lockdown period to gain or to improve skills in software development area. Microsoft tool stack with SQL server, .NET Framework and HTML/CSS. Live Project with complete end to end training. After end of the course you will be able to design Web applications on your own.

Training on AGILE SCRUM, requirement analysis, requirement implementation, software design and implementation.

1. database design in SQL server
2. intro to SQL
3. intro to C#
4. hands on .NET framework
5. CURD with Entity Framework
6. AJAX , J query hands on client side programming
7. hands on live project with .NET

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[Ad] CompTIA Security+ Certification - FREE WEBINAR

Online - Free

Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification - FREE WEBINAR
(SYS-501 Exam)

Saturday June 6, 2020 - 3PM EST

Signup URL: tinyurl.com/learnITskills

Learn about CompTIA Security+ Certification and its benefits and significance in the market
Learn from certified coaches and trainers how to get certified and boost your career



Intro to security
* Cryptography
* Network and server attacks
* Wireless Network Security
* Access Management
* Data Security
* Mobile Device Security
* Network Administration
* Malware and Social Engineering Attacks
* Network Security Devices, Design, and Technology
* Risk Mitigation
* Use security assessment tools
* Lab+Mock Exam
* This course delivers the core knowledge required to pass the exam and the skills necessary to advance to an intermediate-level security job


* Exam pass guarantee
* Led by industry experts
* Discounted vouchers to write your CompTIA Security+ exam
* Interactive exam prep sessions and labs
* Practical job skills beyond the certification

Disclaimer: ALMPG does not endorse any trainer, recruiter or employer. Please do your due diligence when contacting people on the ALMPG platform.

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FREE WEBINAR - Trading Stocks - A Step Towards Entrepreneurship/Part-Time Business (4/19 @2PM CST)

Online - Free

Due to COVID-19, many people are out of a job and many folks are feeling insecure due to the slow down of the economy. It is time to think differently to find a new way to establish a part/full-time business.
I am an IT professional and started the Stock Trading business sometime back. I found it a way too tricky and profitable. There are ways to reduce risk and make the best attempt to earn. The stock business is based on Tow Major Points.
1. Buy Low
2. Sell High
There are other variables such as keep an eye on the market news, trend analysis, market trend, special promotions, contingency planning and much more. There is no special knowledge, experience or even investment required to get started, no money required to start learning!
I want to share some pros and cons, analytical techniques, Buy to Sale Cycle, Risk, Loss, Profit, Market, etc.
I will be pleased to share my knowledge and help individuals who are willing to learn. Please feel free to invite others.
Time: Apr 19, 2020 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 563 605 124
Password: 028537
REGISTRATION LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1l22jgd0YCqCM2EV78L_rRJ-1k1gu8CQI5_OuR2g0m_o/prefill

Don’t miss it!
Zeeshan Hyder!

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FREE WEBINAR TODAY - Sunday 4/19 at 2PM EST - Master IT Skills during the Lockdown

Online - Free

Master IT Skills during the Lockdown
Sunday April 19 @ 2pm EST

REGISTRATION LINK: tinyurl.com/learnITskills


Many things will be discussed and how with right mindset and proper coaching you can learn the following skills in short amount of time.

Java, J2SE, J2EE, Web programming, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Java Script, Python, PyCharm, R, R Studio, Java Spring, Django, XML, mySQL database, SQL scripting, Eclipse IDE, interview prep, resume building and more.


*** 5 reasons why you should attend this webinar ***


2) You will learn about multiple programming languages like e.g. JAVA, Python and R along with many other IT buzz words to go on your resume that will impress the recruiters.

3) It`ll be a visual presentation and we will discuss the most effective ways to learn the most with very little time commitment.

4) IT skills are irreplaceable and highly sought out today. Learning at least what is in the market is to your advantage.

5) You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. The webinar will give you a lot of relevant information and allow you to ask questions about what technologies to learn.

REGISTRATION LINK: tinyurl.com/learnITskills

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Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

Online - Paid

Resource Junction

Specialization in Cyber Security and Networking training with certification Assistance
Cyber Security real-time project training along with Certification assistance
Ethical Hacking (VAPT)
Provocative Risk & Active Measures
Incident Respons & Management
COMP TIA A+, CompTIA Networking + Comp TIA Security+
Cloud Computing with Respect to Cyber Security Features
Penetration Testing with Real-Time Videos and Practicals
Cyber Security Tool information
Python and Python Traning related to Cyber Security

Contact Info +91 95819 02608 (773) 312 2692
Trainer Name Zeeshan Faaroq

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Cyber security and ethical hacking Training

Online - Paid

I am Certified Ethical Hacker.I have trained over 300+ members Online and Offline in 3 months :
->penetration testing,mobile hacking,system hacking,Networking,5 phases of hacking.
->All 20 modules of Certified Ethical Hacking V10 course.

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cyber security and ethical hacking training

Online - Paid

I am Certified Ethical Hacker.I have trained over 300+ members Online and Offline in 3 months :
->penetration testing,mobile hacking,system hacking,Networking,5 phases of hacking.
Duration of 30 - 45 Days

if intrested Call me on + 91-9581902608
or Zeeshanfarooqceh@gmail.com

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