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Gartner's Chart

Gartner’s chart is a crucial aspect of any research that can give total market position of the competitors. This has provided the in-depth knowledge about business all around the world. For this topic, the Gartner’s chart has been helpful in providing the top technologies that can become future of mankind in 2018.

The four quadrants provide ultimate differentiation of higher and lower aspect of technology in 2018. In the leaders section, vision of the market that has been matured enough is provided. It means, the section contains the trend that has topped the market in all aspects.

Challengers may have the strong ability to overpower the market, but they lag behind in having strong plan and customer base. It means, the trends in the challengers are the second topmost aspects of the market that comes after the ones in leader action.

Visionaries have the topmost ability to see how the evolution of the market should take place. However, they do not yet possess the capabilities enough to make the vision come true. It means, the trends in this section would come after the ones in the challengers. In the cloud computing technologies, the ones in this section would not have better future according to Gartner’s chart.
The Niche players are the ones that has typically been struggling to find a way in the midst of high market. They are accustomed to struggle a bit more to have better future.

Top 3 Technologies

It is clear from the above chart that the leader of all cloud computing technology is the Accenture platform. They have about 33,000 professionals that provide high quality cloud computing services. The cloud computing under Accenture Cloud Platform ensures to have high security and risk strategies, identity management, infrastructure and application security, and data protection. This technology provides the users ultimate benefit of achieving their goals by having best technology at large.

Rackspace is the second most aspect of cloud computing technology that can provide high quality services to the users. The high quality technology includes four kinds of cloud such as public, private, dedicated, and hybrid. From the start, these kinds of cloud technologies have different physical capabilities such as shared, dedicated, and shared plut dedicated.
Furthermore the technology used by the third topmost trend is Cloudreach, which gives integrated solutions. The technology differs from others since they have two developed in-house systems such as connect and sceptre.

Cloud computing technology at large has been further divided into four categories under which the above mentioned trends come in diverse forms such as platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and software as a service. For instance, Accenture offers platform based services (PaaS), while the clouds reach offers software as a service to the users all around the world.

Future Scopes

One of the fastest growing aspects of the business is the use of cloud computing that has been used by several standard businesses all around the world infrastructure as a service. They are able to provide the facility of virtual storage, backup, security and much more. The users get primary advantage of these services without fearing the loss of ultimate data. This is the reason why several industries prefer the cloud computing application development and utilization.
It is expected that the industry would be growing to a vast extent. At large, the investment in the cloud computing services has the capability to expand over $40 billion by the end of this year. This is why, the cloud computing aspect has high scope concerning career.

Skills Required

In the business world, several IT firms are hiring several cloud computing professionals so that they can work in the cloud environment. For this, special skills and training is required so that the youths can get the benefit of working in future. Enterprises have high demand for the professionals that continues to learn about cloud computing.

Cloud computing also involves high quality payment along with the skills that can make youths well trained. For this, they just have to make sure to have appropriate knowledge about the skill set that can make them experts and wanted by IT firms. An IT expert is involved in having all knowledge about the programing languages, HTML, and visualization technologies. The professionals are also required to learn about many other fields related to cloud computing. For this, the professionals need to have basic knowledge about the IT field and the programming languages. Later, the can get hands-on training from the well-established institutes under cloud computing.

Certification Programs

Cloud computing technology has been there around the education and professional environment since several years. It is because of this several organizations have their own certification programs that can create professionals. Such aspects include the benchmark that proves to the employers of the ability to perform cloud related activities, which can further enhance the skills of the youths. Following aspects of certification programs are available for the professionals having complete knowledge about the programming language and others.
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  2. Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack
  3. Cloud Genius
  4. Exin Cloud Computing Foundation
  5. Microsoft Cloud Certifications
  6. VMware Certified Professional
  7. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
  8. Cisco CCNA-Cloud
  9. Cloud Institute Certifications
  10. Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)
  11. Cloud Credential Council
  12. CloudU
  13. Salesforce Certifications
  14. Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud
  15. IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect v2
  16. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  17. Exin Cloud Computing Foundation
  18. Cloud Certified Professional

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